Teotihuacon, Toltec, Aztec

Civilizations of Central Mexico

A glance at eight central Mexican archeological sites and a reflection on the civilizations that built them, stemming from a visit conducted by Ian Robertson and Oralia Cabrera for the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, Cortez, CO, 6-15 May 2004.

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Sources for the material contained herein include Mexico From the Olmecs to the Aztecs (2002) by Michael D. Coe and Rex Koontz; The Cities of Ancient Mexico: Reconstructing a Lost World (1997) by Jeremy A. Sabloff. Plus bits and pieces from here and there, including what memory I have of comments by Robertson and Cabrera. Except where otherwise noted, the photographic images are mine. Particular thanks go to Robert Ball for permission to include several of his images. I shall be grateful for corrections of fact or interpretation. —